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 African Cats (Cheetah/Leopard RP)

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African Cats (Cheetah/Leopard RP) Empty
PostSubject: African Cats (Cheetah/Leopard RP)   African Cats (Cheetah/Leopard RP) I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 26, 2016 2:38 am

For a lion cub life on the plains is pretty difficult, you are in danger everywhere you go but lions live in Prides and can protect their young, the same cannot be said for the leopard and cheetah. These smaller species of big cat find it hard to raise their families because predators like hyenas, jackals, vultures and lions steal their kills and lions will work to get rid of any other big cat in the area and youngsters are constantly at risk

Inspired from Big Cat Diary, Big cat Week and Big Cat Live, if you want to learn all about big cats i suggest you watch that

Please follow all ChickenSmoothie rules
This is not semi lit or advanced but try to post more than a line at a time. It's easier to respond to posts that way
Only real life pictures please
Not every hunt can be successful
This roleplay will focus on animal behaviour and how they respond to one another. This roleplay can include dialogue but keep it to a bare minimum.
This roleplay will not focus on love, big cats never ever mate for love
Try to keep track of any injuries you will receive from hunts or fights
Try to keep track of your characters hunger, especially cubs
   A way to do this could be writing Name/Hunger:100/Health:100/Other (Write about injuries or illnesses here) above each post and taking hunger points away every couple of posts, take more points away after every couple of posts if you are playing a young cub. This is merely a suggestion if you have a better way to do it please let me know.
It is rare for whole litters to survive, not every cub can make it to adulthood
Absolutely no abandoned cubs, they would not survive on their own and no leopard/cheetah would adopt them
If you are playing a leopard and come across a cheetah please please please do not roleplay a friendly cat, leopards will not hesitate to kill cheetahs because they are competition for prey but of course give the cheetah a chance to react and escape.
Please follow my guidelines below

I am going to control what happens in the savannah, for example if your cat has just made a kill I might say 'a hyena is coming your way' and then you rp based off that.  At the start of each day I will state the weather and how the prey is doing in the post below.
Each day will last for 5 days, this depends on how many members we get

For both species only the female looks after the cubs, the males do not care
Both species of cat are solitary, they will only travel with their cubs and only seek out members of their species if they are willing to mate
If they are willing to mate they will act flirty in the presence of a male by rolling around almost like a cub, female cheetahs tend to be more nervous around males
Wetter conditions can help hunting but sometimes it makes the ground too slippery and decreases the chance of a kill
Both species of cub practice the skills they will need later through games of chase and rough and tumble

Females are smaller then males
By about 5-6 months cubs will accompany their mother to learn how to hunt
A cheetah mother sometimes brings back live prey for her cubs to practice on, like a fawn or a rabbit
Cubs are weaned around 3 months
Cheetahs hunt by stalking their prey, chasing after it by twisting and turning with the prey and flicking their paw out to trip the prey, they will then strangle it
Cheetahs can't really manage large prey such as an adult wildebeest, they tend to go for gazelles, impalas, hares and the young of larger prey animals and if there's a baby amongst them cheetahs tend to go for them
By about 13-20 months cheetah mothers will leave their cubs and let them fend for themselves, the mothers will sometimes return and this may happen several times but eventually they will leave the cubs altogether
When the mother leaves the cubs form a sibling group and travel together for another 6 months. At about 2 years the females will leave the group and the males will stay together for life
Cheetah cubs practice the skills they will need later through games of chase and rough and tumble
A litter of cubs is usually about 3-5 cubs
Cheetahs have about a 50% chance of losing their kills to other predators
Leopards will kill cheetah cubs
If a lion sees a cheetah they will chase them and if they catch one they will kill them
Cheetahs tend to hunt in the open

Male leopards are huge compared to females
Leopards are able climbers and will use the trees to stash kills. They will also use trees to spot prey
Leopards are opportunistic hunters and will hunt even if they've got a kill stashed somewhere
Females give birth in a cave, crevice among boulders, hollow tree, or thicket to make a den
Females usually give birth to 2-4 cubs but may not be able to raise all of them
Around 3 months cubs follow the mother on hunts
At one year leopards can probably fend for themselves but stay with their mother until they are 18-24 months
Leopards will kill lion and cheetah cubs if they get the chance
Their prey consists of small antelope, impala, wildebeest, zebra foals, monkeys
Leopards stalk their prey, getting as close as possible then pounce and strangle to kill it
Leopards hunt in areas with plenty of cover

The Cats


Females and their cubs
Nari/Koolkatkoolkat123/5 week old female (OPEN)/5 week old male (OPEN)
Magi/Koolkatkoolkat123/1 year old female (OPEN) and 1 year old male (OPEN) and 1 year old male (OPEN)



Females and their cubs
Kyra/Koolkatkoolkat123/2 month old male (OPEN)

Known family:

My characters
Name: Nari
Age: 3 and a half years old
Description/Picture: http://bushwarriors.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Close-up-of-female-Cheetah.jpg
Species: Cheetah
Gender: Female
Known family: Magi (Mother)
5 week old female (OPEN)
5 week old male (OPEN)
Other: This is her first litter

Name: Magi
Age: 6 years old
Description/Picture: http://static.panoramio.com/photos/large/5425063.jpg
Species: Cheetah
Gender: Female
Known family: Nari (Daughter), rest to be added
1 year old female (OPEN)
1 year old male (OPEN)
1 year old male (OPEN)
Other: She has successfully raised 2 litters of cubs but has had 3 litters, her previous litter did not survive to adulthood

Name: Kyra
Age: 2 and 3/4 years old
Description/Picture: http://blog.londolozi.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Tutlwa-Female-Lying-in-Tree.jpg
Species: Leopard
Gender: Female
Known family: Unknown
2 month old male (OPEN)
Other: None

Name: Safi
Age: Nearly 4 years old
Description/Picture: http://www.turtlehurtled.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/javan-leopards.jpg
Species: Leopard
Gender: Female
Known family: Had a brother named Kito, doesn't know where he is or how he is doing
Cubs: Moon
Other: None

Name: Kito
Age: Nearly 4 years old
Gender: Male
Known family: Safi (Sister)
Cubs: He is the father of Kyra's cub

Name: Kasi
Age: 4 years old
Species: Cheetah
Gender: Male
Known family: His brother, who he travels and hunts with, Haraka
Cubs: None so far
Other: None

Name: Haraka
Age: 4 years old
Description/Picture: http://cheetah-watch.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/wildcheetah-8-285x179.jpg
Species: Cheetah
Gender: Male
Known family: His brother Kasi
Cubs: He is the father of Nari's cubs.
Other: None

(None of the images belong to me, i do not claim them as my own
I will not start roleplaying with my females if they have unclaimed cubs
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African Cats (Cheetah/Leopard RP)
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